Free your body, mind and soul

In this beautiful and sometimes crazy modern world, there are many stresses and strains that can lead to physical pain, mental anguish and illness.

I am here to help women through difficult times. I offer safe and supportive healing massage for:

  • bereavement
  • illness
  • depression
  • mental exhaustion
  • emotional fatigue
  • challenging and stressful times

What are the sessions like and how will you feel?

The treatments, right here in Bath, are deeply relaxing, restorative, therapeutic and healing. Each treatment is different and together, we plan each session according to your needs. The sessions will leave you peaceful and nurtured. We will also explore post treatment self-care options. I respect you, your modesty and your privacy – it’s all about you.

Through massage and bodywork we can work to your needs, gentle or deep, to relive tension and niggling knots that build through stress. Working therapeutically and energetically, we can release emotional blockages and effectively support, guide and empower you to keep moving forward.

Read more about the massage and bodywork treatment here >>

For your family too

If you are going through something, so are your family members so it can also be beneficial for them to visit me. They too need to feel restored and supported so they can in turn, support you.

I look forward to supporting your body, mind and soul with effective care.

Where can you find me?

I’m available for Healing Massage in the heart of Bath, at the  Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms, just around the corner from the Bath Thermae Spa.

Contact me

Leora Sharp
07887 612 242

Neal's Yard Remedies Bath
11 Northumberland Place

Clients have said…

“I feel like I’m floating” (During treatment)

“Brilliant! You have a brilliant talent!”

“You have such healing hands”