Make changes with the Coaching Café Club Bath and Bristol

The Coaching Café Club is the brain child of Sophie Williams. She also runs

I have had the pleasure of several interactions with Sophie over the last few years and I love every minute I spend in her company. She is insightful and inspirational!

Why not pop along to her Coaching Cafésto expand and enlighten yourself.

Get more out of life

  • Affordable coaching workshops in cafés
  • Friendly, supportive groups
  • Try helpful exercises for positive life change
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Learn how to overcome challenges
  • Hosted by experienced, trained coaches
  • Topics covered include self-esteem, relationships, motivation and more…

Coaching Cafe Bath and BristolAutumn 2014 workshops schedule

Courses of 1.5-hour weekly workshops on various themes, with coaching exercises and handouts.

The same sessions in each term are run twice; once in Bath and once in Bristol.

Every new term there will be a further (and different) set of exercises.

Sessions can be booked as a block of six or individually.

More details and booking via the website:



Creating or Improving your online presence

If you’ve read the about me section of my website, you’ll know that s well as doing healing massage for women in Bath, I am also a web designer. I create WordPress website for health and wellbeing practitioners.

With this hat on, I thought I’d mention that I am running a workshop for health and well being practitioners.

Whether you are a student, or you’ve been in practice for some time, this workshop for you.

Date: 24 October 2014
Time: 10am – 5.30pm
Location: Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, 109 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3EU
Price:  £70
Book: Contact or 0117 946 6371

Creating or Improving your online presence

You have followed your heart’s desire.
You will soon, or you already are, doing the work you feel you have been called to do.
You have trained long and hard to master your skills.
And now it’s time to learn new skills to market yourself.

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New year, new meditation class in Bath

Happy new year to you all.

Wishing for you that all your dreams and intentions come true in 2014!

Why not start the year with a new breath meditation class in Bath as Stillpoint.  (

I’ve not attended a class by Julia Jeremiah but breath and meditation are valuable life tools so I wanted to spread the word about the class.

Details for breath mediation class in Bath

Julia Jeremiah medtiation in Bath

3 week courses
Starting 12.01.2014
9.30am to 10.30am
£21.00 for 3 week course
£10.00 drop-in
To sign- up please contact

Ream more information about Julia’s classes >

Read more about Julia >

"The 10-Step Stress Solution"

The 10 Step Stress Solution

Wishing you all a most splendiferous and stress free year!

This sounds like a great first read of the year. And why not make this year (and all years) stress free. Or at least as stress free as possible.

I subscribe to The Stress Management Society Newsletter and they recommend this book:

“The 10-Step Stress Solution”

Grab it now at Feel KarmaAmazon, Amazon Kindle.

Does this sound like you?

  • Too busy to get everything done
  • Lie awake at night worrying and fretting
  • Feel helpless against your hectic schedule

Find out how to:

  • Manage your time – at work and at home
  • Regain your balance lift your mood
  • Improve your concentration and motivation
  • Get a good night’s sleep and stop worrying


The Moon Inside You comes to Bath

The moon inside you

The Moon Inside You takes a long hard look at the myths surrounding menstruation using humour, animation and experts from a range of backgrounds.

Eventually this movie will be shown in Bath!! I’ve been dying to see this for ages now and here is the opportunity.

Men, women, boys and girls alike can all benefit from seeing this. Please spread the word!

Alexandra Pope who features in the film will be there to take questions after the viewing. I did a workshop with Alexandra her a few years back which was life changing in terms of understanding and learning how to work with, AND LOVE my monthly cycle!

Where: Chapel Arts Centre Bath
Date:  Fri 16th Nov
Time: 7pm
Cost: £8/£6

Director: Diana Fabiánová
Spain | 2009 | 75m | 15tbc | sub-titles


‘Period’, ‘time of the month’, ’the curse’ – call it what you will – it affects half the people on the planet, and yet most of us are more comfortable with euphemisms for menstruation.

Filmmaker Diana Fabianova uses her personal experience to examine why it is widely accepted that women should feel so lousy once a month, and yet the subject is so rarely discussed.

The Moon Inside You takes a long hard look at the myths surrounding menstruation using humour, animation and experts from a range of backgrounds.

Threaded through the film is the video diary of an 11 year-old anticipating her first period.

An eyeopening documentary which will leave you feeling simultaneously informed and inquiring. 

For the last twenty–five years Alexandra Pope has pioneered a ground–breaking approach to women’s physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing based on the cycle and the journey from menarche to menopause. She features in the film and will join us to discuss the issues raised and take questions after the screening. 

Writing for Wellbeing

A few weeks ago I met a lovely man at the The Practice Rooms in Bath. With my web designer hat on, I was there running a workshop there about maximising your on-line presence.

This man’s name is David Goldstein. Aside from being offering a Counselling Service in Bath, Bradford on Avon and Frome, he also runs a course in Writing for Wellbeing. On this course you can learn to keep a personal journal to enhance your health and wellbeing.

I wanted to share this with you as I believe its a great way to get in touch with your body-mind-spirit.

Below are the words from David’s Writing for Wellbeing flyer flyer:

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Spiritual, healing and networking event

When: Wednesday 27th June 2012
Where: THE COFFEE LOUNGE of Manvers Street Baptist Church,
Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JW
Time: 6.30pm for 6.45pm – 9pm
Cost: Donation

Looking for a healing, health or spiritual change?

Would you like to join a group or a workshop?

This is the place for it!

This is the 4th meeting of this group and it’s guaranteed to light a fire inside you and connect you with lots of lovely and amazing local groups.

 Download the Bath Unite flyer

Bath Unite Poster July 27 2012

Here's a special offer for you

EarlyBird Monday Massage at Neal’s Yard Bath

I am currently running an ‘EarlyBird clinic’ on Monday mornings AT NEAL’S YARD  (9.30-1.30)

EarlyBird Monday Massage £10 off:
£35 for 60mins (£45)
£40 for 75mins (£50)

Clothed Relaxation:
£8 for up to 30mins

Start the week in a positive frame of mind.

If you’re feeling  for anxious or stressed…or you’re going through bereavement or illness, please try some healing and relaxation treatments to support you.

I offer safe and supportive treatments that are deeply relaxing, restorative, therapeutic, nurturing and healing.

Call me (07887 612 242) or Neal’s Yard to book (01225 466 944)

Here’s testimonial from Jan:
“I came to Leora feeling scattered. I had too much stress in my life and my mind and body were struggling to cope. From the first session with Leora I experienced a calmness and sense of space that I had not felt for a long time. Leora is sensitive and respectful of personal needs but has a lightness and easy humour that create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Our sessions have developed through Leora’s ability to bring her professional skills and experience to my needs. There is no formula, no judgement, no pressure: there is balance, flow and a sense of working together.”

Read more testimonials > 

Have you said NO! to communication lately?

Text messaging, email, phone calls, Twitter, Facebook, chat programmes, Google+, YouTube, Flikr, Myspace, dating sites, blogging etc etc (there’s a long list of Social Media platforms in Wikapedia) argh! Today, the many places we can communicate from is astounding.  It’s all about getting people talking and this needs to be multitasked into our already busy lives. And now with the advent of smart phones and pads, we can really get into trouble. Trouble in terms of constantly removing ourselves from the NOW.

Last weekend I said NO!

Put the phone away

My father locks himself away in his house on occasion when he feels it’s all getting a bit much. So I decided to take a leaf out of his book. Who better to learn from than your parents.

Last Friday afternoon,  I changed my voice mail to say that I would only be returning calls on Monday and off went my phone. I won’t lie, it didn’t stay off all weekend. I needed to check text messages in case someone text to book a massage for the following week. Though I think I only turned it on twice and very briefly. There were no guests and no going  out. Except to feed my sister in laws cat. Closed doors! No phones! No computer! Bliss!

I have the amazing Galaxy SII. Wow, I love it! I used it a lot as a mini computer. Sometimes on a Saturday morning, I’ll sit on the sofa with my phone  and green tea and check out my email, facebook or youtube etc. I even pick it up a few times during the weekend to do that. Even while I’m watching an evening flick! I know I’m not the only one. And I wonder what the next generation will be like? Those who will never know a world without mobiles….or computers (for the record, I’m only 37!)

I can’t believe the amount of times I wanted to ‘share’ something or change my status, send a message or thought to call someone. Don’t get me wrong, I love to share! And not doing that gave me SO much more time in my weekend to relax, do household stuff, do the gardening,, take care of my indoor plants and cook…for the sake of cooking…not because it was for a meal. As an a side, I made Fratayas and Beetroot Mahamara. The delicious recipes (from a BBWA netwroking event) were compliments of the Vegetarian Cookery School in Bath run by Demuths Restaurant in Bath. Of course I had my phone off, so I don’t have any pictures to post. I forgot about the good old camera!

Emptying myself out
So, as I said, last weekend was bliss! I’ve had a busy start to the year in some respects and I really needed to empty out. When Monday arrived I felt fantastic and equipped to carry on. I can highly recommend doing this. So much so, that I have decided I am going to switch my phone of for intervals every weekend, to keep my self topped up with being emptied out :-)

Leave the phone at home. Stay present.
Then this week I went to yoga and I decided I’d leave my phone at home. Now, this is something I have done on occasion but have not made a habit of it. Well, now I am going to. When walking to class, it was lovely to look around instead of walking and texting that message ‘I just had to reply to now’. And on my way home, I could extend my yoga practice by staying connected to my body and breath instead of my mind getting distracted and wanting to check my phone, call someone or read a message.

And we went out for dinner mid week and I left my phone at home then too. All to often you see people in restaurants checking their phones. My guess is, most of that communication can be done when we are at home. After we have enjoyed taking time to be in the NOW, enjoying company and food.

Try if for yourself.
So, why don’t you try saying NO! to communication on occasion. Find those opportunities that you simply don’t need to be checking your phone, or even easier, turn it off off or leave it at home. Let me know when and how long you have managed to stay phone free.

Next time you see your phone flashing, or hear it beeping at you…as yourself this question: Do I really need to check that now?

And next time you come for a massage, leave your phone off for a few hours afterward and extend your bliss.

Subconscious thoughts affecting our bodies

Brain imageI’m sitting in my living room preparing for a talk with some ladies tomorrow. The talk is on massage around cancer and I will be with the ladies of the RUH Breast of Friends Support Group. I’m really looking forward to it!

As I sit and prepare, I noticed in increase of movement flowing through in my body. I’m familiar with this feeling. It’s the nervous feeling feel it before I do public speaking. So, it’s probably a release of adrenaline or cortisol. Perhaps it was also nerves of excitement.


I was just writing my notes for the talk.

I wasn’t thinking about talking. Nor was I thinking that I was excited. I was simply writing. So why the release of hormones in my body?

It’s widely accepted that each thought produces a chemical reaction in the body so I can understand thinking about the talk would bring on nervous feelings and the release of chemicals. But I wasn’t thinking about it.

So, was my subconscious thinking about it? Perhaps the act of working on my notes, which relates to speaking in font of people, stimulated past memories of nerves. Did these past experiences  and feelings subconsciously arise and result in this nervous feeling in my body.

If our thoughts have a reaction on your body, it seems our subconscious thoughts can too.

What do you think, or feel :-) about that?

Image: dream designs /

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