Fluid Fascia and the Energy Body Workshop

Date: May 22nd 2010
Time: 9.30am for 10am start – 6pm
Location: The Old Chapel, 125 High Street, Marshfield.
Cost: £55

I’m organising a CPD massage workshop for the lovely Susie Legge. If you’re a practitioner and you’re interested in attending, please contact me.

Workshop Outline:
This one day workshop will be an educational and exploratory journey into the most pervasive tissue of the body: fascia. Through meditative awareness and investigative connective touch, we will learn how to recognise fascia, passively stretch it and pave the way for deep trigger point work, free from unnecessary effort or pain.

The day will also include guidance on how to facilitate and support the release of holding patterns in both the physical and energy body.

About Susie:
Susie was first introduced to yoga philosophy and practice at the age of 11 when her parents met their master and trained as yoga and meditation teachers. Nearly 10 years later she began to explore yoga and healing work. Curious about the power of energywork, and fascinated by the workings of the body, she trained in shiatsu and a number of other healing arts, including Ayurvedic,Thai,Tibetan,Western massage and reflexology.

For the last 13 years, Susie has worked, studied and travelled around India, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas, sharing what she learns as she goes. She currently spends her winters teaching yoga and massage in India and the summers in Europe where she leads yoga retreats and massage training workshops.


2 Responses to Fluid Fascia and the Energy Body Workshop

  • Put me down for the workshop Leora. I’m feeling a need to tone down my work a bit. I work at a high intensity level and put out alot. It will be nice to be around some softer more holistic energy after working in a physio clinic 12-16hrs/week. I look forward to seeing you and meeting Susie.

    Michael Goodell

    • Hi Michael. So great that you will be joining us next weekend! Sounds like going gentle is a good idea for you right now. There are some great people on the course too so with content, people and a great teacher, we’re in for a fabulous day!!

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