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I’ve just discovered these positive people in Bath

positivelivingbath A friend / massage colleague of mine mentioned she went to an amazing Ashtanga yoga class last week in Bristol, led by Nicole Aaron. I have subsequently found out that Nicole will be doing some classes in Bath at The Love Lounge behind The Bell on Walcot Street. Events there are organised by Positive Living Bath. I met Ian a few months back at a Kundalini Yoga class in Larkhall and I’m really happy to see he and his team have got this good thing going.

They are doing great things…various types of Yoga classes, Raw Food get togethers, a Transition group and workshops.

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It makes me feel so goooood!

This song makes me feel so good (video and lyrics below). It’s only now that I’m blogging about it and watching the video closely (and repeatedly) that I realise its about about death…and therefore life as well I guess.

I love the feathers, the fans, the landscapes and the embracing of different cultures.  There are hints about our inner wisdom (which I’m working with right now) and “believing”, love and adventure and goodness that runs in all our veins. I love the way every time they say “Reminiscing other times of life” my brain wants to swap the words around and say “other life times”…which is quite fitting to the subject matter.

I can listen to it on repeat for a good while. It makes me feel really good.Does it do the same for you?

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Limited by not being able to speak in public?

john-dawsonI’ve just completed a 4 week course with John Dawson from Speaking Infront and I’ve really been WOWed!

I was raised by 2 very public figures. My Mom was a Speech and Drama teacher and was the Director for many a brilliant school play. My Dad was on a city councillor for many years which landed my parents as Mayor and Mayoress 5 times. So I really should have no problems speaking in public. But for some reason my flight/fight response really kicks in, my brain freezes up and I can’t recall what I want to deliver. I’m a pretty confident person so it’s been quite puzzeling to me why and what my hang ups are around public speaking.

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Welcoming, understanding, accepting and transmuting our emotions

guesthouseI’ve watched Debbie Ford’s,  The Shadow Effect DVD a few times now and she mentions the poem below, which likens being human to a guest house with new emotions arriving every day. I think this poem is a great one to have in our diaries so when we’re having a hard day, we can read it and remind ourselves to accept what is and that all from all hard times, good things arise.

I think this runs parallel with what Eckhart Tolle suggests in The Power of Now (Page 218); “Become and alchemist. Transmute base metal into gold, suffering into consciousness, disaster into enlightenment.”

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Smiling when sorting out a problem

A few months ago I needed to call Sainsburys as the internet delivery was sent with around £30 of undelivered  (but charged for) food. A few bags must have not made it too our door.

smileI always aproach these calls with a calm and polite demeanour and, most importantly,  with a smile in my voice. Yes, there were groceries missing, but no point getting my knickers in a twist about it. I spoke with a friendly chap who helped sort out the problem and refund the money. We had a little chat while we waited for his computer to do stuff and it was a pleasant interaction.

During the call I could not help thinking about help desk people who must get some irate callers. I realised this chap sounded glad to be dealing with someone polite and I hung up the phone feeling incredibly happy. I was happy that I’d handled the call the way in which I did. I was happy that he sounded happy and that I’d made it pleasant. Being nice to him made me feel good. I had a pretty big smile on my face and a lot of warmth in my heart for a while after.

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Spinning sugar…not as easy as I thought

I was inspired by MasterChef Professional (well done Steve Groves, you’re brilliant) to try spin some sugar. Turns out it’s pretty hard. Professionals always make things look easy!

My book told me to dip the pan in water before spinning but it seems to cool the syrup so quickly. Any chefs out there got any tips?

Also, it was pretty challenging to figure out how to avoid getting blobby bits.


The ones below are my favourite. Especially top left and centre, as they are 3d swirls rather than just flat. I did that on the back of a spoon handle. A fat handle of course.

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Looking for a great banana bread recipe?

bananabread…then try this recipe from Watirose. I made it once again recently and it goes down a treat.


100g organic butter, softened
175g Waitrose Organic New Zealand Forest Honey
2 organic eggs, beaten
2 large ripe organic Fairtrade bananas, roughly chopped
½ tsp organic ground cinnamon
225g organic self-raising flour
50g pack organic walnut pieces
50g pack organic Brazil nuts, roughly chopped


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Take the vow

itakethevow-but-lgI went to see Deepak Chopra the other day, which I will blog another time, but I wanted to get this important message out first. He started a site last year which I would like to promote. takethevow-badge-lrgOf  course

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Join me at a photographic studio opening

images by markoIf you’d like to hob knob with the Mayor and be a guest at the opening of Marko Dutkas portrait studio, please join me (where I’ll be doing some massage of course) next week Tuesday, for some refreshments, entertainment and an opportunity to gaze at Marko’s fine photography.

Wednesday 7th October 2009.
6pm until 9pm.
2 Dorset Close, Bath, BA2 3RF

Please RSVP to Marko Dutka.
01225 428881 or

Marko says: “We are proud to announce the opening of our new portrait studio in Bath and to invite you to participate in our opening evening. The studio will officially be opened by the Lord Mayor of Bath at 6.30pm.

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organic vs food miles vs packaged vs seasonal

fruit-sampler-thumb5242840A few years ago I did a natural nutrition course with The College of Natural Nutrtion. It was of course very pro organic food. But it also placed great emphasis on eating with the seasons.

Being the little earth loving creature I am, I now find myself confused when I’m in the fruit and veg department and it can take me ages to pick my purchases:

The organic apples I’m looking at are in a plastic non biodegradable bag.
So I must surely buy the in-organic  loose apples.

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