for deep relaxation in Bath

with Leora Sharp


Practitioners Group – in and around Bath

If you are a ‘hands on’ practitioner in or around Bath and you would like to join a network of other practitioners, please contact me and I’ll give you some more details.

I have started a group that meets once a month and it’s a great place to meet practitioners of all kinds, to learn and develop together.

The group comprises the following types of modalities:  Sports Massage, Chiropractic, Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Thai Massage, Rosen Method, Osteopathy and On-Site Massage.

If you do any of the above or anything else ‘manual’, please do join us.

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Love your life this weekend (12/09/09)

Holistic Insights is once again inspiring you to change your life.


It’s at Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath, this Saturday the 12th of September 2009, 9:30am until 5pm.

See you there!

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Making space for transformation

“There are cycles of success, when things come to you and thrive, and cycles of failure, when they wither or disintegrate and you have to let them go in order to make room for new things to arise, or transformations

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What is bodywork? Who is the bodyworker?

I was so delighted to read this next quote. It really resonates with my intentions and backs-up my belief.

“A point worth remembering here is that in this educational experience it is not the bodyworker who is “fixing” the client. The bodyworker is not attacking a localised problem with specialised tool, confident of achieving certain results. Instead, he or she is carefully generating a flow of sensory information to the mind of the client, information that is not being generated by the client’s own limited repertoire of movements – new information that the mind can use to fill in the gaps and missing links in its appraisal if the body’s tissues and physiological processes. It is then the mind of he client that does the “fixing” – the appropriate adjustment of posture, the more efficient and judicious distribution of fluids and gases, the fuller and more flexible relationship between neural and muscular responses.

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A drama called ‘love’

Eckhart Tolle on Relationships:

“True communication is communion – the realisation of oneness, which is love. Usually, this is quickly lost again, unless you are able to stay present enough to keep out the mind and its old patterns. As

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Live my life at

I’ve just been sent the email below.  A campaign well worth supporting.

Over 39 days – the pitifully short life of a typical factory -farmed chicken – we’re spreading the free-range message online and in 11 cities across the UK.

chicken_outUntil the 17th September, you can follow the short life of an intensively reared chicken via our  blog at See for yourself just what millions of factory farmed chickens endure, living just 39 days between hatching and slaughter in a typical overcrowded, barren and windowless shed.

Read the latest blog entry here>>

Watch a 30 second trailer here>>

How you can help?

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Belly grumbling during massage

Vagus nerveThere are 2 main systems in the body that we are concerned with when it comes to massage; the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response/stress response) is the system that helps us ‘keep going’ when we are under stress and the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response) is the one that helps us chill out. The Vagus nerve is responsible for the functions of the relaxation response.

The picture above shows the Vagus (meaning ‘wandering’) nerve starts in the brain and extends to all the main organs in the chest and abdomen. It is the only nerve that does this. By breathing deeply, we stimulate the many Vagus nerve endings which results in the switching on of our relaxation response.

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