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The Iliopsoas muscle group

Psoas muscle groupA few days ago I went to see Jay Ruddock who does Structural Integration/Rolfing in Bath. The treatment was interesting and effective, as expected. Now I’ve now got some of my missing mobility back. Thanks Jay!

I still find it fascinating how manipulating attachments (where muscles and ligaments attach to bone) can have such a great effect. Proof that working on one thing affects another.

We spoke briefly about the Psoas muscle (which amazingly attaches our spine to our legs) and I asked him if he’d seen this picture.

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Surrender. And change will ensue.

“No matter how much I move myself around, my strongest tendency is to move in the same ways that I have always moved, guided by the same deeply seated postural habits, sensory cues, and mental images of my body; but if I can succeed in surrendering to the movements that another person imposes on my body, without my own system of cues and responses interfering, it is possible to treat my mind to a flood of sensations that are novel in important ways, sensation that may well be able to indicate things I have been doing that have produced aches and pains at the same times as they have reinforced my normal sense of self.

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“No only is it true that the nervous system stimulates the body to move in specific ways as a result of specific sensations; it is also the case that all movements flood the nervous system with sensations regarding the structures

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My new site is live!

It’s fitting to write my first blog on the launch of the second version of my site.

I designed and built version 1. The problem was that I built it with very simple and old programming and I needed some serious upgrading. This would give me increased functionality (I’ve got a geek in me somehwere), better SEO (search engine optimisation) and it would be quicker and easier to maintain (we all need a good CMS at some point in our lives… even if its not computer related).

My old and simple site looked like this:

My old site

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