for deep relaxation in Bath

with Leora Sharp

Don’t take that pill!

You know that feeling when you wake up with an ache or a pain?

And you wonder… “where did that come from? I must have slept funny”

It’s actually been building and building for months and years, not just over night.

Why do we get pain?

Pain signals are there to tell us something is wrong; they are trying to tell you that a part of your body needs attention.

Pain signals should not be ignored in the hope that it will pass and in time we’ll be ok.

Pain is also there to protect you from doing any further harm.

Don’t listen to that advert

The advertisers will have you believe that you should ignore these messages…and take a pill.Cheesy advert promoting pain relief

You’ll be familiar with these images on the telly. People holding parts of their body, while a red dot pulses.

The adverts are tempting us to take this pill and that pill, and everything will be better.

Ok, I can’t disagree with the adverts. The pills will take the pain away. But that means we’re blocking the messages our bodies are sending us.

What can I do instead?

Address the pain. Don’t ignore it.

If you have a headache, perhaps you’re just dehydrated. Drink some water.

If your arm is sore, perhaps you just slept funny. Give it a rub.

For something that is more muscular, you could address it by having seeking some help.

Muscles react extremely well to massage.

Try not to let the tension build and build and build until one day the areas seizes up and you need a drastic course of treatment to

Perhaps consider regular massage to keep stripping tension away. Try to never allow it to build to a the peak of discomfort. Be kind to yourself.

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