Blissful, nurturing, supportive, restorative massage in Bath

It’ss extremely therapeutic and deeply relaxing.

This type of massage is a tool to help you return to yourself, find yourself again, keep you sane, in all the craziness you might experience in your life.

I work holistically. This means I take into account the whole of you; body, mind and spirit. The idea is that everything is connected. For example, by massaging the lower back, we can relieve tension in the neck. Or, by massaging a muscle in the leg, we could release the lower back.

Everything in your body is connected. So too is your mind and spirit are connected to your body. We work to improve the connection between all and give you a lift when needed.

A strong or light touch? This depends on what you need and prefer

All sessions are different and I use techniques suitable for YOU. We can do a deep tissue massage, if that’s what your body is craving, or we can relieve tension with a lighter touch and mobilisations.

We can achieve full and deep relaxation and notably reduce stress.

I help you to become aware of effective body use to alleviate ailments and prevent possible future discomfort.

This work can be done through clothes, with oil on skin or even sitting in a chair.

Moments of stillness

Massage is not necessarily about continual moment. The still moments are a very important part of the treatment.

Guided by my intuition, at various times during the massage, I paused to allow moments of stillness.

At this point I might be using ‘energetic balancing techniques’ (see below), such as Reiki, or I could simply being present with you.  This gives your body and mind the opportunity to integrate the massage. The moments of stillness also allow your body and mind to drop into a deeper state of relaxation.

The location of my hands during the moments of stillness are important too. For example, one hand placed on your tummy and another on your heart. This connects two very emotional areas and allows some healing to take place.

You are not just “the top half” and the “bottom half” of a body. You are a complete entity. And when we pause on your hands and feet, it is a way to encourage energy to flow from your foot, all the way up the one side of your body and down your arm. This give you the feeling of your entire body being one piece.

Using personally gained knowledge of yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Through my knowledge of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I employ verbal suggestions to help you keep your focus away from thought. This is one of the most important elements of my treatments. It helps you to drop into a deeper relaxation than you might have done.

All to often we can land up thinking too much while we are on the massage table. This means we don’t get the maximum benefit of the massage.

Bodywork / Energy work

The energy work that I incorporate into the massage treatments are Reiki, Charkra and polarity balancing.

I am continually astonished at the power of this type of work! And when incorporated into a massage it is even more powerful.

I use a variety of techniques to help calm, ground, cleanse, balance, energise you and more.

I assist in balancing the body’s energy centres and pathways so they flow without resistance, to maintain optimum physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

By energy centres I mean Chakras, and by streams I mean the positive and negative energy streams in the body and the etheric body (aura).

This type of work uses a light touch and is done through clothes unless it is incorporated into an oil massage.

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