Head and neck trauma



Early 60’s

Presenting and seeking

Trauma to head and neck causing: pain in her neck, head and face, and strong headaches, limited neck movement.

Ms L did not want massage further than the top of her shoulders. She had bad experiences with previous massages (resulting in post treatment pain) and was looking for a safe environment where she would be heard, understood and where ‘no pain no gain’ would NOT be on the agenda as she finds that strong type of work too traumatic.

She was in search of relaxation and to find someone she would be comfortable with.

Result after 4 treatments

Ms L wishes have come true. She is feeling very safe and supported. To ensure this continues I check in with her before, during, and after her treatment.

Together, slowly but surely, we are regaining her confidence in being massaged in general, but especially further up her neck and to include her head.

Her ability to relax and let go in the treatments is comparatively greater than in the first treatment.

She reports her neck feeling much better with shorter pain and tension cycles.

She has more mobility in her neck and shoulders and “a lot more energy as I’m not using all my energy to hold the tension”

Result after 5 treatments

I’m pleased to report that verylight head massage was included in the 6th treatment!

Result after 11 treatments

Regular treatments are helping to keep the tension at bay.

Mostly, Ms L reports she feels she is ‘just tightening up again’ before she comes for treatment and notices headaches as aresponse to emotional situations, illness or diet.

She reports regularly that her head aches are less. Her ability to ‘let go’ is greater and the movement in her arms and shoulders is more fluid. This results in less tension travelling up her to nack nad head.

We are working slowly and incorporating more and deeper head massage. As this is a very emotional area for Ms L we are preceding gently and with awareness. She is beginning to enjoy the head massage more.

Ms L finds it difficult to wear hats and really wants to wear a specific hat in winter to keep her warm and cosy. By continuing with the head massage we are working to enable her to feel comfortable to wear this hat.

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