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Picture of Chakra Balancing - Leora Sharp, BathFor this case study, we worked with massage and energywork, through clothes only.

Through massage, visualisations, breath work, chakra and polarity balancing and suggestions for change, we made fabulous headway.

02/07/09 – Katy is presenting:

  • Stiff hips and lower back
  • Wanting to marry mind and body
  • She feels she has overdone it with running etc in the last few years and realises the need to slow down so she is now walking, cycling and back to yoga
  • She gets VME – varied menstrual emotion (that’s my new term for PMT) and can range from very low to very high but feels in tune when feeling good
  • In the past she has been constipated from ‘holding’
  • Things have been ‘tricky’ for her in the past 6 months
  • She is waking in the night but she feels that might binge eating might be causing that
  • She is not comfortable when she sleeps and wakes with a sore back and neck
  • There is a lot of tension in her solar plexus

First treatment outline:

In this treatment we worked on releasing energy around the 3rd Charka (to release the tension). We did energywork around the lower back and hips and incorporated visualisations and breath work for various things. I suggested some sleeping positions too.

Katy’s post session comments:

“Hi Leora
Lovely to see you yesterday and thank you so much for a wonderful treatment.

Afterwards I felt energetic and buzzy and mentally clear and focused. My back definitely felt more free and flexible. As the afternoon wore on I felt quite hyper (couldn’t think of better word to describe) and fiery (I had a small argument with someone down the phone)!

I think the treatment released some blocked up emotion which felt good but the emotions were all swimming around and popping up here and there. This wasn’t by any means unpleasant but made me think about how numb I often feel. It was a similar feeling to the one I get when I’ve been to the loo after being blocked up for a while!! – more focused/free/light/excitable!

I didn’t sleep brilliantly last night although it did help having the pillow under my legs. I still haven’t got the neck bit right and woke up feeling stiff in my lower back and neck.

Thank you again…you have such gentle healing hands.


Notes from session 2 >>

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