2nd session notes

10/07/09 Presenting:

  • Sacroiliac JointHas been to the physio today
  • Sacroiliac joint is playing up, left hip is further forward
  • Tuesday and Wednesday were ‘pants’ and was exhausted, tiredness, lack of energy = dark place
  • Neck ok
  • Lower back sore

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Treatment outline:

  • Gyan mudraMassage though clothes
  • Visualisations for connecting to legs (filling with air, feeling difference)
  • Suggestion to explore some Pilates classes
  • Use mudras (hand gestures used in yoga practice, meditation, and for healing purposes)

Katy’s post session comments:

“Hi Leora,
Thank you for another wonderful session.

I slept quite well last night despite waking up with the birds!  But my hips and back definitely feel less tight/stiff this morning which is encouraging.

I could feel myself tensing that entire area later on so just being aware of it helped and I managed to remain more centred than I would normally.

I can get very tense in my stomach which is when the top half of my body and the bottom half stop feeling joined.  I think the first visualisation (about feeling and filling my legs with air) showed me how disconnected I can become (not helped by sitting for a long time) and how it might be possible to re-establish or prevent that disconnection.

The final thing to mention was that I felt very energised and clear headed last night after my session (no muzzy headedness or lethargy or tiredness) despite not having had much sleep the night before.

I had a practice of punching out this morning (repeating ram) and may do some in a quiet spot down in Devon.  And I used the mudras a little since it can feel intense in Devon and I often have times when I fall off balance and struggle to regain it!

Thank you again for all your insight and kindness.  I feel extremely grateful for it.


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