Your session

Welcome and privacy

I will welcome you with warm hands and an open, caring heart.

Although holistic massage considers the whole of you, your massage can focus on just specific parts, as required. We can work with oil on skin or through clothes. Seated massage is also an option if you are more comfortable that way.

It’s all about you and what’s right for you!

Session are designed for you and conducted in my cosy and calm treatment room, respecting you, your modesty and your privacy.

Treatment outline especially for you

Before the massage we’ll chat about those factors that could be contributing to your challenges and design a treatment outline for your needs. If you are not presenting any challenges and you just need good old fashioned rest and relaxation, your session will run accordingly.

Through clothes or with oil?

The choice is yours! If we decide to work with oil, I give you some privacy while you prepare for your massage. You can keep your underwear on and you are always covered with a sheet (and blanket for warmth). Only the part of your body being worked on is uncovered.

Fine tuning to suit you

As the massage progresses, I check in with you so we can fine tune what is best for you: for example, the amount of pressure with which you feel comfortable.

Taking it slow

After the massage, there is time for you to come back to reality in your own space, after which we can explore some post massage self-care options.

I look forward to supporting your body, mind and soul with effective care.

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