for deep relaxation in Bath

with Leora Sharp

Meditate while you wait

Well, I don’t necessarily mean only while you’re waiting, but it was a catchy title.

BreatheI mean mediate pretty much anytime you  don’t really need to be concentrating or when you’re doing things that are second nature. I’m really talking about mindfulness.

Our brains are running so fast all day, any break we can give them is benificial to our mind and therefore our body: each thought has a chemical reaction, therefore your thoughts affect your body. The thoughts can create stress and tension. Of course thinking happy stuff is allowed 🙂

HumThe brains job is to think, so stopping it is quite challenging. With practice, it can be done. Especially  for short amounts of time.

Meditating for 10 minutes each day is said to be beneficial for body, mind and soul. The goal of meditating is to achieve non-thought. Health and happiness follows.

Sing while you're doing your laundryFinding just 10 minutes a day can sometimes be challenging and or it can feel like a chore.

So why not steel snippets of mental silence all through the day. You’ll be surprised how much of your day you can spend in non thought!

This way you can can help yourself relax and achieve mental calm through out each day.

Whistle while you're groomingTop Tip 1: Concentrate on your breath, sing a mantra, say a positive affirmation, sing a song, hum, whistle…anything that will keep your mind from thought. I recommend doing something audible. This way when your mind kicks back in and you start thinking again, your ears will realise and send a message to your brain that you’re thinking again.

Breathe while you're packing and unpacking the dishwasherTop tip 2: Do this for long enough, and like any habbit, it will become second nature and you’ll start doing it naturally.

Top Tip 3: Keep and eye on your mind while you’re breathing or whistling. You’ll be surprised how much thinking your mind can do without you noticing.

Top Tip 3: Put notes around to remind you to do it. Put some in your diary too

Top Tip 4: When you start ‘not seeing’ the reminder notes…take them down for a while or move them to another place.

Here is a list of things we do daily or weekly during which we can ‘meditate’.

Driving anywhere, no matter how short the trip. (Of course you’ll still be concentrating on the road! )

Walking anywhere, no matter how short the walk (including around the house and the office)

Ablutions: flossing, brushing teeth, bathing, showering, standing at/sitting on the loo.

Kitchen related: waiting for the kettle to boil, the whole process of making your tea, packing and unpacking the dishwasher, unpacking your groceries.

Personal grooming: Dressing, shaving, putting on makeup, brushing/blow drying your hair, waxing.

Laundry: seperating your clothes, putting them in the machine, hanging up, folding up, putting away.

Waiting: in a que, for a bus/train,

Sitting: during the ads on telly (top tip: mute the telly during ads)

House hold: watering the plants, putting things away, tidying up, cleaning, gardening, vacuuming

Shopping: packing the groceries in the bags and then into the car, standing in the que.

Cleaning: your car, your pets, your house

Can you think of more?

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