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A good excuse to get a massage – National Massage Day 16 May 2017

Nurturing massage in Bath Leora SharpLet’s face it, you shouldn’t need a ‘excuse’ to get a massage. But if you DO need one, here’s your chance.

Book a massage around May 16 to celebrate being you! And celebrate National Massage Day. And maybe diaries it for next year too while you’re at it? And if you diarised it electronically, be sure to stick it on repeat.

This massage day follows nicely on from Mental Health Awareness Week, 8-14 May 2017.

Having regular massage is a way of looking after yourself…including your mental health.

And that’s just one of the many possible benefits of massage.

Massage calms the mind and body and creates space for us to ‘receive ourselves’ in a different way. It allows us time to filter out all the noise of our lives.  We can escape the confines of our minds through blissful relaxation.

But first, we must know what the relaxation response is. And we need to learn ‘how to do it’. For many of us, it is a learned skill, we don’t know intuitively how to do it.

The Relaxation Response – or rest and repair mode

I’ve typed this up from one of my favourite books The 5-minute mediator. Everyone from 10 years old and above should have a copy of this book!

  1. Your muscles start to soften. The adrenaline charge fades and all the muscles throughout your body start to sag. This is most obvious in your face and shoulders. Overall, your body start to feel heavy or still. If you focus on this heavy feeling, you accelerate the effect
  2. Your circulation improves and there is and increased blood flow to the skin, which often feels slightly tingly and warm. Your skin feels more alive, the way it does after a shower or aerobic exercise of a shot of alcohol. Your digestion can start ticking over as well
  3. The adrenaline and endorphins you produce when tense – natural opiates that tend to numb our bodies – fade away when you relax, and you often start to feel the little aches and pains and fatigue they we masking. When you feel the headache or a sore neck, these are good signs that you are relaxing, so don’t fight them;. Just let them surface and do what they want to do.
  4. You breathing changes dramatically when you relax. When tense, we usually over-breathe from the upper chest. As we relax fully, the breath usually becomes light and delicate.

So, now that we know what we are looking for… how do we achieve it?Nurturing massage in Bath Leora Sharp

We can achieve this in many ways; though walking, being in nature, sitting in meditation etc etc. My favourite method is obviously massage.

If you don’t know how to relax, I can help you. I will give you some tool and help you through the process.

And if you do know how to relax, I can guide you into a deeper state of relaxation. A blissful state when you feel like you are between worlds. A state where nothing and no one matters. You can re-connect with yourself and nurture yourself so you can keep facing all your life’s challenges.

Take care of yourself, your body and your mental health, though massage. Or you could just come for a massage because it feels soooo damn good!

Take a mini holiday without leaving the city! Call me to book your National Massage Day (or any day) massage 07887 612 242