Care and development

By protecting myself emotionally, spiritually and physically, I ensure that I’m at my full potential for each session as caring for myself means I can give exceptional care to you.

To remain inspired, develop my skills and expand my knowledge, I regularly attend continuing professional development courses and I am always looking for interesting avenues for personal development. I bring my natural creativity into the sessions which ensures that each treatment is different and neither you nor I ever get bored with a structured routine.

In addition to regular relaxation and healing treatments to experience different forms of bodywork, l love putting my feet up and watching dvd’s. I love squash and the occasional go on cross trainer. I believe that keeping fit and healthy needs to be balanced by doing nothing and eating some chocolate. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

I have had experience with Kundalini Yoga, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, tap and Greek classical dance. I do regular  yoga class to balance my body, mind and soul and keep me agile and supple. I try hard to stay positive and keep mind free of thought (meditation) which greatly affects my well-being.

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