for deep relaxation in Bath

with Leora Sharp

Deep relaxation, fluidity and strength

Mr T


Mid 50’s

Presenting and seeking:

Already very much in his body with having gone on various journeys of self discovery. He partakes in activities that keep him present, grounded, fluid in his body, and connected. He was seeking deep relaxation.

Result after 4 treatments:

Picture of massage - Leora Sharp, BathMr T enjoys the space I provide for his regular treatments where he can fully melt into the table and completely zone out. He is a fan of dance and thus enjoys the sense of movement my massage style creates. The “combination of finding the right spots and the movement created for relaxation”. “Fluidity and strength” is important to him. He enjoys seeing “a nice friendly person and the spiritual upliftment and good mental wellbeing” the session provide.

Watch a little piece of a massage session