Happiness in winter

In this case study, mainly energywork was used with profound results. I wish I had taken before and after photos! Jo looked like a different person after we had competed the treatments.

Brief history

Joe (aged 21) and I worked together for 11 sessions between December 2008 and April 2009. He said he’s had the blues in winter for the last 2 years. Interestingly enough, this started after he got glandular fever. He was low on energy and felt that the daily grind was getting too much. Joe also realised a need for sunshine.

He mentioned he had stiffness and limited mobility in upper back and neck and also some lower back discomfort due to a rugby injury (aged 16). There was also stagnation in Joe’s his gut.

Session outlines

The sessions were mainly energy work. This included chakra balancing and the balancing of positive and negative energy streams inside and surrounding the body.

We also incorporated visualisations and breath work and I suggested a few simple dietary inclusions. After each treatment I suggested some in-between-sessions ‘homework’ which ranged from seeing a chiropractor, to being conscious of his breath, to patting himself on the back.

I referred him on to a chiropractor for assessment and treatment, a Pilates teacher to help him learn how to use his core strength to support his lower back and also to a nutrition expert to help him with his digestion.


Through the sessions he gained a better understanding and awareness of his whole self; body, mind and soul. The appointments seemed to ‘reset’ him each time.

The regular treatments helped him remain positive though the winter and the ‘daily grind’ didn’t bother him so much. His energy had also returned and he gained understanding and control of unproductive thought patterns. He also discovered an enjoyment for connecting to his spirituality. His skin cleared, he didn’t have back tension or pain and his gut health improved.

When he arrived for the final session, he was a completely different Joe. He said he was feeling fabulous and grounded and struggled to find any ‘issues’ to tackle.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joe and aiding him in finding his healer within.

Thank you to Shanna (Chirpractor), Annie (Nutrition) and Mara (Pilates instructor) for contributing to Joe’s body, mind and soul development.

Download the full case study with full session notes Download the full case study: Happiness in winter

What did Joe think?

Download the full case study with full session notes Download the full case study: Happiness in winter

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