3rd session notes

10/07/09 Presenting:

  • fired up (energised) from clients
  • things are taking shape
  • eczema on hands
  • tight in throat, been having the odd fag – wants stuff to come out
  • stiff but not any worse, looser actually
  • digestion good
  • been aware of breath

Treatment outline:

  • visualisation – regression to love the young Katy
  • let go of throat / things unsaid
  • visualisation – you in future being happy and loving yourself

Katy’s post session comments:

“Hi Leora

Thank you for another lovely session.  I wore a blue top and scarf for the rest of the day and much of Saturday too!  My chest does feel a bit freer and I slept with my hands on my chest last night (in a tent!).

My hips and pelvis are tight again and I noticed that I hold so much tension in that area even at night. When we talked about ‘holding on’ I think I do this all the time so there is normally tension in my entire pelvic region even at night when I am trying to sleep.  I think that just by becoming aware of it I am becoming more engaged with my pelvic area and I’m trying to make myself mobilise it more whether it’s when I’m sitting down or lying in bed. My neck’s been stiff again and I think it results from holding tension there at night.

Overall I feel I’m gradually getting a greater awareness of where I hold tension in my body and hopefully will gradually find it easier to free myself up.  (Wow..I just realised that is the name of your business…’free myself’…that’s no coincidence…this is what you are helping me to do..THANK YOU!)


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